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CranioSacral Bodywork Therapist Profile

If you believe, like I do, in the mindbody connection, then you know there’s a body-based part to your emotional and physical health.

There are multiple ways to approach healing. One pathway is via talk therapy. It’s a cognitive way of working things out emotionally. Talk therapy engages the cognitive and upper parts of the brain and works through emotional narrative and beliefs. Another pathway is through somatic therapies. Somatic therapies engage the lower parts of the brain, the nonverbal, emotional parts of the brain.

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Diane Speier, Ph.D. – Energy Medicine: Self-Healing for Wellbeing

Perinatal Therapist Spotlight: Diane Speier, Ph.D.

DianeSpeier_2014Please welcome my colleague from across the pond! Dr. Diane Speier, a holistic psychotherapist and birth and postnatal professional to BirthTouch® is guest posting today!  Diane is also a birth psychologist, specializing in the psychology of parenthood, the psycho-physiology of birth, postnatal depression and recovering from birth trauma. She has been supporting per and postnatal women all of her professional life.

Diane found and directed The Family Tree Center for Parents in New York, before immigrating to the UK. A certified childbirth educator since 1978, Diane also started attending births as a doula (labor companion) in 1978, and her passion for helping mothers evolved into the Birth and Beyond Doula Service for childbirth and postnatal home care. Diane created The Birth Empowerment Workshop®, a weekend intensive for pregnant couples seeking a multidimensional and holistic approach to birth and parenting. In November 2013, in collaboration with her daughter, Mariel Sands, she created the first postnatal app, called Digital Doula.  Read the rest of this entry »

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