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Wordless Wednesday – Garden Break




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Wordless Wednesday: MindBody Medicine: Early Spring Garden

Gardening is my favorite spring  “mindbody relaxation therapy”!

I love spring in the garden, the plants are beginning to push out from the soil.  Here are some shots from around my garden. It’s a work in progress, I live in deer country and it’s a struggle to find landscaping plants they don’t love as breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Twenty Year old Hellebore (Photo: Kathy Morelli, LPC)

Twenty Year old Hellebore (Photo: Kathy Morelli, LPC)

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Do It YourSelf-Care DIY-Care Garden Therapy!


Therapeutic horticulture...provides positive distraction and attentional engagement…(which) mediates decline for anxiety and depressive symptoms…” Garcia et al, 2010)

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