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#PSIBlog Hop Guest Post: Megan Daley: Putting Down the Mask

Guest Post Today! Megan Daley!

This year again I have the honor of hosting Megan Daley!  Megan discusses her challenges with  perinatal mood disorders twice in her lifetime. She is presently pregnant with her third child. She talks about her concerns in this pregnancy for her postpartum health and how she is proactively creating a personal postpartum plan. To help others, Megan outlines resources that helped her through her dark times. She says:

“The most important thing I ever did was finally put down the mask.”

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#PSIBlog Hop Guest Post: Struggling Through the Darkness & My Journey to Recovery

Guest Post Today! Megan Daley!

Today I have the honor of hosting Megan Daley’s deeply felt and informative story about her experience with postpartum depression and anxiety. Megan discusses the circumstances surrounding her children’s births and how her postpartum depression expressed itself as sadness and rage. She talks about how she was proactive enough to seek professional help. She is an inspiration to us all and a shining light in our world!

Please join me in welcoming Megan’s contribution to the Postpartum Support International’s 2013 Blog Hop! Speak Up When You’re Down!

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