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CranioSacral Bodywork Therapist Profile

If you believe, like I do, in the mindbody connection, then you know there’s a body-based part to your emotional and physical health.

There are multiple ways to approach healing. One pathway is via talk therapy. It’s a cognitive way of working things out emotionally. Talk therapy engages the cognitive and upper parts of the brain and works through emotional narrative and beliefs. Another pathway is through somatic therapies. Somatic therapies engage the lower parts of the brain, the nonverbal, emotional parts of the brain.

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What’s an EMDR session like?

When is it a good time for you to try EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a mindbody approach to therapy that’s effective with trauma and moving stuck emotional places. EMDR as a treatment modality, is best used with someone who is stable in his or her mental health treatment. For example, someone with untreated clinical depression needs to address the depression before beginning EMDR treatment. Or someone with bipolar disorder needs to be stable on their medication for at least six months prior to beginning EMDR treatment or a person struggling with addiction needs to be stable in recovery for at least a year before beginning EMDR treatment.  Persons with complex trauma, such as persons subjected to ongoing childhood sexual abuse, should have a good understanding of their abuse before undertaking EMDR. EMDR is appropriate for persons who suffered a single incident trauma.

Why use EMDR?

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Birth Trauma: Heather Barson and Surgery During Childbirth Without Consent

Heather Barson (photo by Steve Puro)

Heather Barson (photo by Steve Puro)

Heather Barson’s featured article today is extraordinary. Heather  writes about her recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder after childbirth. She talks about a healthcare system that doesn’t take care of women. She shares her dark walk through PTSD. She shares her long multi-pronged approach to healing. Her story is moving and healing. I admire her immensely. Please welcome Heather Barson with me.

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Part One: Should PTSD be treated differently just because it is childbirth onset?

birthtouch perinatal mental illness guide book front1How many times must we ask for sensitive care?


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