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Media, Motherhood and Mental Health: 2013 World Mental Health Day



It’s October 10, 2013 and I’m again honored to be participating in PsychCentral’s World Mental Health Blog Day.

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Jennifer Moyer – Postpartum Support Int 2013 Conference

Behind the Scenes

Spotlight: Jennifer Moyer

Biography: Jennifer Moyer experienced postpartum psychosis when her son

Jennifer Moyer photo by Iris

Jennifer Moyer photo by Iris

was eight weeks old. She has put in the hard work of personal recovery and has built a life filled with the love of her family and her determination to leave a positive imprint in this world. She has focused her efforts on being a mental health advocate in the area of perinatal mental health in order to help others experiencing mental illness related to childbearing and in support of general mental health issues.

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Hel-loooo Birth World – the Sky is Blue: Part Two of an Interview with Walker Karraa MFA, MA CD(DONA)


Pregnant and postpartum women are particularly vulnerable to mood and anxiety disorders, and it is life threatening.”

Walker Karraa, MFA, MA, CD(DONA)

How Long Must We Ask for Compassionate Care?

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Share Your Story: Janet ‘The Laundress’ Postpartum Psychosis Story

Share Your Story – Postpartum Psychosis

Janet’s Experience – Postpartum Psychosis & Recovery

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