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Holistic remedies for nausea in pregnancy

A full shiatsu treatment can help soothe pregnancy nausea (Istock/alwekelo)

A full shiatsu treatment can help soothe pregnancy nausea (Istock/alwekelo)

Any woman who’s ever gone through a pregnancy knows the frustration and discomfort of vomiting. It’s a deep type of sickness that grips you at the core of your being. Having gone through several myself, and one with twins, I share your pain and will tell you what I did to cope, manage and even get rid of the nausea. If you’re pregnant, or will be soon, then listen up! This is for you.

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Easing fear of childbirth is good for moms and babies

Emotional wellness during pregnancy can feed postpartum emotional wellness (Istock/piskunov)

Emotional wellness during pregnancy can feed postpartum emotional wellness (Istock/piskunov)

A recent study about finding a link between postpartum depression and fear of childbirth has been getting a lot of press. The press I read  reported the study showed a prevalence of .03% of postpartum depression. I felt like the public was being fed bits and pieces of the study, so I read the whole article and wanted to bring out a few key facts.

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Negation of Pregnancy: Research and What Can Childbirth Educators Do?

Negation of Pregnancy or Denial of Pregnancy: Is it real?




I was busy over at Science and Sensibility this week with a guest post as a Perinatal Mental Health contributor.

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Quick Guide to ChildBirth Provider & Setting Options

Pregnant Families: Are You Wondering What the Options are for Childbirth Providers and Settings?


This is info-graphic, from the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, a part of the National Institute of Sciences, provides a quick glance at where women in the United States give birth and the types of providers who assist them.

There is also a short list of what factors can create a high-risk pregnancy.

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MindBody Practices for Birthing Women

meditate on oceanI wonder every day why MindBody practices aren’t brought into the hospitals to support and enhance the experiences of birthing women.

Mindbody practices support people on multiple levels. Relaxation practices slow the reactivity of the stress response down.

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Snooki – Our Jersey Girl as a Public Health Role Model?

Unless you live under a rock and don’t go out at all, you have to know that Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is a mom!

Her baby boy, Lorenzo, was born this August. Snooki has been showing him off in beautiful pics on her official Twitter and Facebook feed.

Snooki became famous as a fightin’ boozin’ bad-girl with her group of pals on the show, Jersey Shore. Millions scrutinized her as she rumbled with her frenemies living in their Jersey shore rental house, partying it up, just like the rest of us Jersey-ites did as twenty-somethings (say what???).

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How Much Stress is Too Much Stress in Pregnancy?

I’d love to share with you a chapter from new book, BirthTouch: Shiatsu and Acupressure for the Childbearing Year.

It’s available on Amazon for purchase

So – good question – how much stress in pregnancy is too much?

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Grant Funded Community Doula Program

Jill Gerken Wodnick has written a Guest Post about the Hudson Perinatal Community Doula Project  for Science and Sensibility today.



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Perinatal Mental Health Join Us at the ICAN Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) of Greater Essex County (NJ) meeting, hosted by Lakeisha Dennis, at 6:30 PM in New Jersey. The meeting will be held at Seton Hall University in New Jersey in the Arts & Sciences Building, near the School of Nursing.

I will be discussing perinatal mental health, risk factors, birth trauma, differential diagnosis and the ways birth professionals can support their clients/patients.

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Perinatal Mood Disorders on Dori’s Word of Mom BlogTalk Radio

Join me today, Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 2 pm – 3 pm on Dori’s Word of Mom BlogTalk radio discussing pregnancy, birth and postpartum mood disorders!

Did you know that women are twice as likely to suffer a mood disorder than men, and this risk of depression begins at puberty? Women’s moods are influenced by biological, psychological and social factors. Are you at risk?

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