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Does Clara have Anxiety or PTSD?


Clara had an accident about two years ago.  She had slipped on the ice in her driveway,  fallen and as a result, gotten a concussion. She then struggled with post-concussion syndrome, enduring neck pain, headaches and awful vertigo spells. She took lots of time and effort in going to multiple doctors trying to get help, including a neurologist.


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Wordless Wednesday: MindBody Medicine: Visual Journaling Space

52 years ago my mom made my art space needlepoint chair (Photo: Kathy Morelli, LPC)

52 years ago my mom made my art space needlepoint chair (Photo: Kathy Morelli, LPC)

This is my creative arts workspace. 52 years ago, my mom, who is now 92, created this beautiful needlepoint cushion cover for her antique chair. I now use this chair when I work on my creative projects.  Mom had this chair in her bedroom for many years before she created the cushion. I remember the chair when I was a small child.    My mom was very creative. She did many quilts and needlepoints. I like to think I inherited my creativity and love of color and texture from her. My Dad was an opera singer, he was always singing in the house.

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