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Boost Your New Year Vision Energy with 5 Flower Essences


As you look at this picture, how do you feel when you look at its mix of colors and the idea of the softness of the plant petals and leaves? Numerous feelings about the beauty and sweetness of the plants and positivity of growth can be identified.  Flower essences connect with us on an energetic level; they have a different action than essential oils and herbals, which function more on a physical level; their molecular actions can be studied and measured in clinical studies.

But flower essences work on a vibrational level. Each flower essence has the vibrational pattern of the original plant. Flower essences are useful for shifting emotional states towards balance.  Flower essence practitioners believe there’s a flower essence for every feeling and mood.

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Vegetable Juicing for Detox and Wellness

Are you looking for a way to detoxify and take your wellness goals up a notch? Try vegetable juicing! Juicing is a powerful tool that can cleanse you from the inside.

Virtually every health expert, including conventional doctors, recommends six to eight servings of vegetables and fruits per day. However, very few of us get the said recommended amount.

Juicing is a way to reach this daily target for veggies. It allows you to add a wider variety of choices to your diet. You get to enjoy stuff that you normally enjoy eating whole, and it’s easier for your body to absorb the exciting lineup of nutrients.

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