My Three Words for Mental Health in 2012

Chris Brogan, web entrepreneur, and also a depression survivor himself, has a blog topic/exercise called “My Three Words.” He uses this exercise the New Year as a way to create what he calls his “guiding pillars” to focus his business on the new year. Ala Chris Brogan, I’m going to borrow his idea and create “My Three Words for Mental Health in 2012.”

I’d love it if you’d leave your three words to improve and maintain your mental health in 2012.


Respect. Reframe. Consistent.




I am going to respect myself enough to practice self-care. I found out (once again!) self-care is not something I can only practice sometimes. I had an accident in February 2011 that has taken me this entire year to recover from. I didn’t pay enough attention to the symptoms right after the accident, as I was working a lot. I went to several doctors after the accident, but there were multiple symptoms, so it was difficult to diagnose.

It wasn’t the firs time in my life that I faced a physical or mental illness, so I thought I was practicing whole body care, I thought I had learned this life lesson a few times before! I practiced mindful breathing throughout the day, generally paced myself, and asked for help when I needed it at home. But I was often frustrated and sad about how I felt, how little I thought I was achieving in my business goals.

I ended up needing intensive physical therapy and needing to slow down quite a bit, which has helped me a whole lot. The therapy over the year has taken up quite a lot of my time. I am going to take respect for myself into the new year, as self- respect is a valuable mental health tool. And it is a day-to-day process for me.

Which brings me to my next word for 2012.


2011 was a year of a emotional frustration, fear and anger at myself.

The amount of time needed to put into taking care of myself and healing took a lot of time away from my business. I was initially extremely frustrated with myself, and angry about what I couldn’t achieve.

Then, I recalled the felt-sense memory of what it felt like to be home with a baby, the feeling of timelessness and how real it felt to not be on a time schedule. How separate from worldly work I felt, yet how truly real it felt to be in the flow of life, a life without artificial boundaries.

I thought that I had [practiced reframing so much in mu life that it was natural habit! Oh, well, au contraire, again! It is a day-to-day process!

So I reframed; I borrowed some of my past feelings, and decided I needed to let my body be in its natural moment and give myself some space to heal.

2012 is a year for reframing. I need to give myself space & time to heal. We can all use reframing skills for situations where there is conflict and pain to a dilemma. I will work on my business at a pace that is emotionally and physically healthy for me.


In 2012, I want to apply an attitude of consistency. I want to remember that even when things don’t go exactly as planned it doesn’t mean that it is a negative event. If I get fatigued, if I feel like hopelessness is creeping up, I can take a breath, regroup and reframe, and remember to preserve my mental health.

I want to consistently have respect for myself, by practicing self-care. I want to consistently apply the technique of reframing situations in order to mindfully develop as a mature and whole human being. I want to consistently be fully present for my family. I want to consistently be fully present in service to my clients. And I want to consistently be present in development of my business. And it is an attentive process for me on a day-to-day basis.


Your Three Words for Mental Health in 2012?


I’d love to hear what your Three Words for Mental Health in 2012.


If you’d like to write a blog about your Three Words for Mental Health, please post the link here ! Love to have you !

 When things get tough, when maybe the lay-offs at work are grinding you down, or when you lose someone close to you, or you go through your rough times, your times of self-doubt, remember your mental health is very important. Good mental health is a very real possession, guard your thoughts and feelings carefully, take steps to remain mentally healthy, as you are very valuable.

 Treatment is available, you are not alone.





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25 Responses to “My Three Words for Mental Health in 2012”

  • Hi Kathy,

    This is a lovely post and a good reminder that with all of our knowledge and professional training, we mental health care providers need the same (maybe more) healing time as everyone else!

    Three words that come to mind are :”gentlest possible care”. I have borrowed them from writer Annie Lamott, who makes me laugh and think. She reminds us that when life is challenging and difficult, we need to treat ourselves and others with the “gentlest possible care.”

  • Gratitude, intention, joy

  • BirthTouch:

    Hi Elaine – As always you have beautiful insight and beautiful thoughts to share.
    Have a blessed New Year!

    • BirthTouch:

      Hi Heather – Wonderful blog post and I loved your Three Words…thank you so much for your comments! Have a blessed New Year! Hugs, Kathy

  • Kathy, I love your 3 words. Self-care is so hard when we are busy taking care of others and running a business (that also takes care of others). Let’s commit to support each other in self-care this year, shall we? : )

    • BirthTouch:

      Hi Susan – Thanks so much for posting here! I love your three words as well!

      Yes I LOVE the idea of supporting each other in self-care in 2012!
      I also enjoyed your other post abt needing to take care of your family over the holiday break. How other small biz ppl thought you weren’t running your biz launch that well….but I think you have your priorities right on! Taking a week to recover from an illness is a well, normal, thing to do!

      Love Kathy

  • Wonderful post Kathy!

    My three words are:
    Appreciation (of own and others best effort)
    Acceptance (that I can’t change others but myself)
    Perseverance (never give up – except for what I need to accept or let go)

    I wish you a wonderful new year!
    irenesavarese recently posted..Al Pacino, Football and Team Work – Survival Strategies for CouplesMy Profile

    • BirthTouch:

      Hi Irene –

      Appreciation (of own and others best effort)
      Acceptance (that I can’t change others but myself)
      Perseverance (never give up – except for what I need to accept or let go)

      Love your three words! I think that you exhibit these traits all year…you have been a great support for me on a continuous basis!

      thanks! Kathy

  • Kathy,
    I lie this post a lot. It’s an inspiring balance of self-disclosure, vulnerability, and steps to change. Kudos to you.

    So what are my 3 words. Power – accepting my own & using it for helping myself and others.


    But I’m tired now so they may not be the three. Will have to sit with. Thanks again, Kathy and here’s to your amazing 2012.
    cherry woodburn recently posted..Day 7 – Coming Of Age At 62 | I’m Sorry You’re HurtingMy Profile

    • Hi Cherry – Thanks for your kind words. I value your input abt the balance of self-disclosure & vulnerability & change. As I am enjoying your COA at 62 series very very much!
      I like your instinctive three words…Power, Balance, Growth ..
      You are the first to mention Power…accepting your own and using it for others.
      Great ideas!
      Have a blessed new year!
      Kathy Morelli recently posted..My Three Words for Mental Health in 2012My Profile

  • Kathy, All I can say is that I can completely resonate with this post. I, too am a depression survivor. Depression is like a title wave swooping you away. It can knock you down for days or weeks IF YOU LET IT! I practice mindfulness every day and many other modalities to keep my mental health strong. Not many people would admit to it because it sounds to some like a “weakness.” To me, in my own journey it is a test of strength to overcome it. It can be done if you make that choice.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Reflecting On Lessons Of 2011My Profile

    • Hi Donna – Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I am a depression survivor as well. It is a very hard illness to cope with. Luckily, antidepressants helped me plus psychotherapy. And also a change in lifestyle, adopting a healing lifestyle. Exercise, yoga, a change in thinking to mindful thinking, being thoughtful about balancing emotions, prioritizing, etc. It sounds as if you chose a healing lifestyle as well. You are correct, it is not a weakness to to reveal a history of mental illness, just as it is not a weakness to reveal a history of physical illness. such as diabetes.
      Blessings to you, Kathy

  • Kathy,

    I’ll be putting up my “three words” post later this week. Thanks for adding another thoughtful model for me to consider. I especially appreciate the reminder–again–that prioritizing our own health is one of the ways that we care for our families and our clients.

    Ann Becker-Schutte recently posted..Mid-Week Balance: 4 January 2012My Profile

  • Wonderful three words, Kathy. Chris Brogan had a great idea that is easy to personalize. Keep us posted on how you are doing with these “goals” – especially the respect (self care).
    JoAnn Jordan recently posted..Advocate: Come join me in the hammock!My Profile

    • Hi JoAnn – thanks for your kind words! I will certainly keep ppl posted on my experience with the three words , maybe I will check in with myself once very 4 -6 weeks about this! Thanks for the encouragement!
      So far in January I:
      Respect – doing physical therapy as prescribed, going to gym as prescribed, creating a mindbody program at my own office as I wanted to do
      Reframe- realizing I have limitations and respecting them
      Consistent – consistently working at my business goals, keeping my family healthy with home cooked food, getting good sleep, too!

      thanks! Kathy

  • Kathy,
    Thank you for disclosing your own health issues and how it has been necessary to slow down to deal with them. Congratulations on being able to listen to your body’s message and focus on self-care. You will emerge all the stronger for it. In Fall, 2010, my daughter had a mysterious health problem that forced me to delay building my practice and spend countless frustrating, demoralizing, and expensive hours in specialists offices getting test after test with not much progress. Fortunately, she recovered by the end of winter break, though they never knew exactly what it was. i remember the frustration and anxiety over being blocked in my career goals. Yet, stuck at home with her, I began blogging, which is opening up opportunities and created connections that i couldn’t have imagined. So, sometimes there is a silver lining. My three words for this year are: prioritize, delegate, and organize. Not glamorous, but what I need to do to move forward.Warmly, Melanie

    • Hi Melanie – thanks for sharing some of your personal history. It is so frightening when one’s child is ill. I am sorry the docs didnt find out exactly what had been going on with your daughter. But she is well now, and that is wonderful. Interesting how your blogging career came about. It was so advantageous for you to begin blogging! Your blog is a big hit on PT! I admire that you turned the lemons into lemonade! I never knew what brought you to blogging. take care, Kathy

  • Hi Kathy,
    I really like your three words and what you shared here. I especially connect with the one on respect and like Susan, I want to commit to that myself and in supporting others. I am a firm believer these last two years in this 3 words concept. It has been really helpful for me. I did this exercise for my professional and personal life separately. My personal words are Give, Grow and Lead. Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. 🙂
    Uriah Guilford recently posted..Social Media and Your Teenager – January TeleseminarMy Profile

    • Hi Uriah – One of my favorite therapists for teens commenting !
      This is the first year I am doing the “three words” thing. I intend to revisit my three intentions every month or 6 weeks.
      So for January I am respecting myself by going to physical therapy to heal my impact wounds from trauma
      Refaming my thoughts about how fast I “should” be working to how fast I can realistically work and also tend to my life garden…and I intend to be consistently working towards my biz growth goals, getting stuff completed and on my website & in my office little by little!

      thanks, Kathy

  • Kathy,

    A bit late, but here it is!

    Ann Becker-Schutte recently posted..My 3 Words for 2012My Profile

  • Kathy,
    I’m a bit late in response as well. I really appreciate your honest sharing. And the three words are so powerful. You have generated a wonderful sharing of so many fine guiding words. I don’t have my three yet, but you all have challenged me to give it some thought.
    Carolyn Stone recently posted..Baby StepsMy Profile

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