#LifeList Time! Join us for a blog hop!

I’m joining several of my bloggy friends, including Yuz at Not Just About Wee and Andrea B at Good Girl Gone Redneck in compiling a Life List.

Please join us!

#LifeList Reflections on Your Life Path (Istock/phototropic)

#LifeList Reflections on Your Life Path (Istock/phototropic)

I think a Life List is great exercise in reflecting on Dreams and Realities, checking to see if my reality has enough soaring dream!

Soooo, here’s my list:

Professional: Shoot my BirthTouch® Shiatsu and Acupressure for the Childbearing Year video (been working on BirthTouch in various forms since 1998)

Professional: Keep my private practice financially viable

Professional: Get my doctorate (kinda less important lately, might even forget this)

Professional: Practice and publish my Strengthen Our Mothers® work in various forms

Professional: Develop and teach a Perinatal Mental Illness Course at a Nursing/Midwifery School

Professional: Keep speaking and teaching about Perinatal Mental Illness and Mothering Identity, Transition to Parenthood

Inner growth: Live in Paris for two months

Inner growth: Live in Beaver Creek, Colorado part-time (well, dream on)

Inner growth: Live in Sugarbush, Vermont part-time (well, dream on)

Health: Resolve my injury from my accident enough so that I am able to exercise three times a week without pain or vertigo (a work in progress)

Health: Eat healthier

Relationships: Keep on being happy with my dear husband and fantastic son!

Relationships: See my son graduate from college, be healthy, marry & have children of his own


Relationships: Take care of my grandchildren

Relationships: See my extended family more


Relationships: Keep up with my IRL friendships!


Relationships: Keep up my on-line friendships!

Relationships: Go to a blogging conference (a smaller one)

Expressive art: Finish some scrapbooks I started a while ago!


Expressive art: Finish a ceramic feather wall sculpture I started

Expressive art: Finish the fabric wall hanging I started

Expressive art: Gardening: Continue with building up my garden!




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