Postpartum Depression – Stand Up for Mental Health Blog Hop

I’m re-posting my previous blog about my experience with postpartum depression for Stand Up For Mental Health.standupmentalhealth

As an LPC, I could easily write another professional blog about postpartum depression, treatment options or family dynamics. It would be along the lines of   specific self-care exercises for relaxation, emotive expressive work or cognitive re-framing.

Online, I skirted around telling my own personal story.

And then, I made a careful personal decision to out myself.

I am a depression and postpartum depression survivor.

As a licensed professional, I’ve gotten flack around the web for outing myself.

You know, as we say in the therapy biz, don’t SHOULD  on me.

As far as self-revealing, I’m in excellent company.

Two of my heroes are the distinguished Kay Redfield Jamison, M.D., and Peter C. Whybrow, M.D. They are both high-functioning mental health professionals and are brave enough to out themselves and dispel the myths and the stigma about mental illness.

Read: Coming Out of the Closet About Depression and Postpartum Depression

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3 Responses to “Postpartum Depression – Stand Up for Mental Health Blog Hop”

  • Kathy, I think it’s so brave and powerful that as a mental health professional you have “outed” yourself. I know how passionate you are about helping others and I’m certain having an inside perspective helps you in your work. Thank you for always standing up for mental health.
    Cristi Comes recently posted..Tips & Rookie Mistakes for Traveling with KidsMy Profile

    • Hi Cristi – Thanks so much for posting this important blog awareness hop! I know, you, too are passionate about helping others and I am SO glad to have met you online! thank YOU for standing up for mental health!

  • Thank you so much Kathy for sharing your inspiring story. Somehow, it gives hope to the many people who are under depression and want to recover. I, too, was a depression survivor and it was not an easy task. I hope that you will continue to touch more people’s lives through your success stories.
    Karen Troll recently posted..Alternative Treatments For DepressionMy Profile

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