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Your healing takes place on many levels (Istock/kochergin)

Your healing takes place on many levels (Istock/kochergin)

You all know that I’m interested in all things healing. I’ve spent a lifetime studying healing modalities, as I’ve bet a lot of you have!  We all have a lot of research and tools available to us for healing on different levels.


We have unprecedented access to life-saving allopathic care and holistic care as well.  No either/or here! We can use all of what’s available to our advantage today!


From all the studying and clinical work that I’ve done over 25 years, I know our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intertwined – bodymindspirit.   Twenty-five years ago, my first business was BodyMindSpirit Bodywork. And this orientation is the foundation of all my work, in my counseling practice, my work in birth and in my Reiki/Energy healing practice.

You can use all of this modalities to help your healing process. An avid gardener, I’ve always grown and used herbs, and studied herbalism before there was internet learning!  I’ve loved essential oils for years, and used them in my Reiki practice at the Cancer Center at the hospital.

The science behind the healing power of herbs and essential oils

Maggie Muir, PhD nature photography, “Hummingbird”

For years, one of my areas of interest is studying healing herbs and essential oils. It’s fascinating to me that there’s extensive research about the healing properties of essential oils at a detailed level of chemistry, but this research and information isn’t widely disseminated.

To get an overview of the research, read the work of Kurt Schnaubelt, Pd.D.. He’s a pharmacist and chemist. His work is highly detailed. The detailed chemistry data that totally caught me was that essential oil chemistry components mimic human neurotransmitter chemistry (or from an evolutionary perspective, is it the other way around?)

Wild, huh? Anyway, read the book and find out for yourself!


The science behind Reiki and bodywork


And of course you know the other modalities I’ve studied are bodywork and energy work.  There are reams of research supporting that bodywork and energy work elicits the relaxation response and also, over time, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I love Carla Hannaford, PhD ‘s book, Smart Moves,  about the plasticity of our neuronal networks and how they can be affected by touch and movement.  And the classic Molecules of Emotion by Candace, Pert, MD. Also, Christine Caldwell, PhD, has written about the embodiment of emotion in our muscles and neurosystems in Getting Our Bodies Back.  Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, LMFT, also writes extensively about the integrative nature of body and emotion. All are excellent resources that validate the integration of body and mind.

My book BirthTouch®: Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year, compiles much of this research into one of it’s chapters.



Expressive work

Expressive art is a wonderful way to access and release emotions (istock/szefei)

Expressive art is a wonderful way to access and release emotions (istock/szefei)

Expressive work is the another component you can use for finding and expressing deeply felt emotion. Expressive writing and art journaling are evidence-based ways to tap into the right brain emotions and imagery that underlie our powerful thoughts and feelings.

Some good reads on expressive modalities are  Art and Healing by Barbara Ganim, Visual Journaling by Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox, Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions by James Pennbaker, PhD and The Creative Connection by Natalie Rogers, PhD.

   Deep listening and change processes in psychotherapy

Deep listening is deeply healing (istock/izusek)

Deep listening is deeply healing (istock/izusek)

And of course, traditional talk therapy, deep listening, is deeply healing.


So many wonderful books on this, but I think I’ll just recommend Carl Rogers, PhD, book, On Becoming a Person, which is the foundation of humanistic psychotherapy.


Wishing you peace in your healing journey in life.

If you need someone to talk with, call me at my Wayne office at 973-713-6412 or contact me via email.

Holistically yours,  Kathy

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