• Postpartum depression – PPD.

It is estimated that 15 – 20 % of women are affected by postpartum depression.


When weepiness, sleeplessness, low self-esteem, change in appetite, feelings of being abandoned, alone, anger (rage),and  listlessness continue past two – three weeks, the condition is starting to move into the realm of postpartum depression. The mom may have accompanying thoughts of self-harm or of harming the baby.  Expressions of self-harm or of harm to others should be taken seriously.

However, most women who have such thoughts are simultaneously horrified by their thoughts and do not act on such thoughts.  The women who are depressed after birth who actually attempt and commit suicide (rather than have just thoughts) are those who have histories of previous psychiatric events and/or previous suicide attempts. However, whenever harming behaviors are mentioned, they must be taken seriously.

Other information: Many specialists in the field believe PPD can overlap the baby blues and can begin anytime in the first year,. If it looks as if the feelings of baby blues are dragging on past the two-three week delimiter, it is best to seek help, rather than continue to suffer painful debilitating symptoms while also caring for an infant.


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