BirthTouch®: Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year

BirthTouch®: Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year

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BirthTouch® for Pregnant and Postpartum Couples

Have a Joyful Pregnancy!

BirthTouch® Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year

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With these simple tools, express emotional support for each other as you become parents. Provide comfort in labor and address your own personal stress, negative thoughts and emotions and fears!

Comfort and Relaxation for Mom and Baby During Pregnancy Through Postpartum

Learn to use safe and relaxing couples shiatsu, acupressure and positive psychology exercises!



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Simone Magletta-Snyder, long-time professional doula and childbirth educator and  Board member  of BirthNetwork, has written a positive review for the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) Blog here!

Connie Livingston, RN, Director of the Perinatal Education Associates and Birth, has written a positive review for BirthTouch Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year here on her blog BirthSource.

Andrea Bates, LCSW, Author, blogger at Good Girl Gone Redneck,  a leader in the at Band Back Together and a long time perinatal mental heath advocate,  has  written a heartwarming review for BirthTouch Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year here on her blog, Good Girl Gone Redneck

Bobbi Parish, author, blogger, artist, a wanderer, explorer, ordained minister and therapist. But most important role is as a single mother of a special needs child, has written a beautiful review of BirthTouch Shiatsu & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year here on her blog, Resplendent by Design.

BirthTouch® is an authentic experience for birth professionals because Kathy Morelli makes learning about therapeutic touch so accessible, so easy and so much fun. She is a wisdom keeper who expertly knows the systems of the body and offers her background so doulas and parents feel comfortable and confident with BirthTouch.® I highly enjoyed and easily recommend BirthTouch® by Kathy Morelli. She adds an important learning to all maternal health professionals who want to expand their own skills with Birth Touch and for expectant parents who want to offer comfort for labor and life with BirthTouch®.

Jill Wodnick, M.A., Community Doula Coordinator, Hudson Perinatal Consortium, Owner,, Speaking of Birth


Kathy Morelli’s book, BirthTouch® is a powerful guide for the expectant mom to help her be joyful, to address stress, negative thoughts and emotions and fears, and to learn to be in the moment with her pregnancy and her baby.

Elaine Petrowski, Postpartum Doula, Owner of

I became interested in Kathy’s techniques as a way to manage pain during a natural labor. It was a huge success and I delivered naturally after only 45 minutes at the hospital. But more than that, her relaxation and bonding techniques brought my husband and I closer together and helped us to connect with our baby throughout the pregnancy. Until I practiced the guided imagery described in this book, I had not considered that I was not just giving birth to a baby but rather a person with an “individual and big spirit.” How exciting! Kathy made it all seem “real” and helped us enjoy the process that much more. Unlike most pregnancy books which stop at labor, this one will help you navigate the emotional transition into motherhood.

Rae Watts LaFountaine, mother, community volunteer supporting new mothers and babies


 BirthTouch® for Pregnancy and Postpartum Parents, Have a joyful pregnancy!

Enhance your pregnancy  and beat the medical induction blues with the BirthTouch® method

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