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Pec Indman – Postpartum Support Int 2013 Conference

Behind the Scenes

Spotlight: Pec Indman, EdD,MFT

Bio: Dr. Pec Indman is a internationally recognized expert in the field of mental peclookrighthealth related to pregnancy and postpartum. In 2002, she was one of the first professionals, along with Dr. Shoshona Bennett, to author a book about postpartum depression. In her private psychotherapy practice, she works with clients experiencing fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, depression and anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum. Dr. Indman is the Chairperson of the Education and Training Committee of Postpartum Support International and speaks all over the world. As an invited participant, she contributes to several federally funded programs on the topic of pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders.

Interview: It is my honor to introduce to you to one of the wise women of the perinatal mental health world, Pec Indman.

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