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This is a guest post from Jessy Troy, a healthcare activist whom I met on the blogosphere. She  blogs about health and self-improvement across a a variety of niches. Follow her on Twitter where she  engages with alot of Twitter healthcare chats!  @JessyTroy

I am always pretty honest with my addictions. I smoked for several years and had to be open about that before I stopped. I have a rather serious caffeine addiction that takes me through almost an entire pot of coffee a day, on my own. But one that has really taken over my life – as it has so many others – is social media. Especially that micro-blogging powerhouse, Twitter.

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Moms Tend and Befriend Online

Today’s moms have access to a large online network of social media and blogging friendships and support. But are the online relationships fulfilling and real?


Women's Online Social Circles Bursting with Support

Women’s Online Social Circles Bursting with Support

I interviewed several women who use social media extensively, including Facebook, Twitter and who are bloggers, who say their online friendships are very real and often become IRL relationships; the women wind up meeting each other at different events across the country.

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